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A passive electrical component with two terminals that are used for either limiting or regulating the flow of electric current

ON OFF 2Pin 3A 250V Black Button Rocker Switch

Rocker Switch position: 2 ON-OFF Size:10x15mm Color:Black Voltage:250V Current:3A

4x2mm Round Shape Rare Earth Neodymium Super Strong Magnet

Specifications: Made of high quality material, strong magnetism and durable.Round shape design, hard texture with stable performance.Perfect for sticking notes

27 mm diameter pressure washers piezoelectric ceramic piece Piezoelectric buzzer

-> Plastic frame, cloth cone and edge-> Black paper cup, horizontal fasten terminal, with wire-> Impedance: 8Ω-> Rated power input:

Strong manget 130 motor carbon brush DC3V 19000RPM micro DC motor with reversed output shaft

Technical Parameters:Rated Voltage: 3V DCRated Speed:9000Color:Siler+Red;Motor Body Diameter:27mm/1.06″;Shaft Size:10×2.0mm/0.39″x0.08″(L*D);Motor Body Length;38mm/1.46″Output Shaft: 2.0mmLength of Output Shaft: 7.5mmHeight of Motor: 25mmMotor

AA 1.5V Battery

Model:AA R6P UM3 Heavy Duty Carbon zinc manganese Battery Size:AA Voltage:1.5V Size: 50.5mm x 14.5mm (AA) Capacity: 450mAh(AAA) Chemistry: zinc manganese