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Vega Quick Instant Adhesive (20 g)

Instant adhesives super glue. Suitable for plastic, stones, metals, wood and more. Strong and easy to use Net quantity: 20

Vending Machine Coin Acceptor

GD-007 SINGLE COIN ACCEPTOR Coin acceptor modules accept currency coins which can be suitable for various vending machines. Coin acceptor

Voltage tester 1AC-D AC90-1000V

DescriptionA non-contact voltage tester is the safest way to make sure the power is off without touching any wires. Non-contact

WeMos D1 V3 Mini Module

Features 11 digital IO, interrupt/pwm/I2C/one-wire supported(except D0) 1 analog input(3.2V max input) a Micro USB connection Compatible with MicroPython, Arduino,

Wheel 10 x 4

10 X 4 Cm Gear Motor Robot Wheel, Tyres for 6 mm Shaft Geared Dc Motor A wheel is a

WiFi + BLE module ESP32s serial to WiFi / dual antenna module ESP32-S module

Description: The ESP32-S is an Original ESP32 series module . This wireless module based on ESP32, supports WiFi and Bluetooth

Wire Cutter

Description: This is multi-gauge wire stripper & cutter with comfortable vinyl grips. With screw adjuster to preset wire size for