12V DC Mini Small Solenoid Lock Electromagnetic Electric Control Cabinet Drawer Lock Intelligent Auto Lock Improvement Set

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Scope of work:
Pull stroke: 0~4mm
Suction: 4mm≥80g(0.35A)kg
Retention: 0mm≥120g
Mode of operation: power on 90%, interval
Ambient temperature: -25 ~ 80 degree celsius
Relative humidity: 45%~80%
Atmospheric pressure: 86~106Kpa
Medium withstand voltage: AC 1000V
Insulation resistance: 50MΩ
Lead out form: lead
Life expectancy: 10000000 times

1, ultra-thin design, compact and delicate, easy installation!
2, safety and stability: the lock body is made of iron material, hard and
3, work mode: electrify unlock, close door lock way, application simple!
4, low power consumption: voltage 6V/12v/24v three specifications, current is
only about 350mA/600mA/1.2A, power instant trigger unlock!
5, long life: aging test: 100 thousand times, durable!
6, directional: symmetrical design, bright processing, regardless of the
positive, negative, left, right, universal installation, convenient!
7, installation methods: mounted, hidden, embedded arbitrary installation, 360
degrees from all angles applicable!
8, security: anti vibration, anti prying, drilling, open design technology for
a variety of products of cabinet!

Working principle
Power on, the lock retract, unlock;
Power off, the lock pops up, closes the lock

Application principle
Unlock: control the power on or off
Lock: push door, lock automatically locked

Scope of application:
Express cabinets, lockers, newspaper boxes, storage cabinets, storage shelves,
file cabinets, filing cabinets, drawers, meter box, locker, intensive cabinets
and other products, and is widely used in factories, mines, schools, banks,
troops, prisons, courts, hotels, farms, bathing centers.

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