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1 Low Current Dc Control Ac Solid State Relay Module Low Level Trigger 12V

ABOUT DETAILS – The rated current of 1 channel SSR module is 2A, and the voltage is DC 12V LOW

1.44 inch Serial 128*128 SPI Color TFT LCD Module Instead of Nokia 5110 LCD

1.44 inch Serial 128*128 SPI Color TFT LCD Module The is an LCD with 128×128 color pixels and SPI interface, transmissive

10-30V to 12-35V Step Up CV CC 150W 10A DC DC Boost Converter Car Power Supply LED Driver Charger Adjustable Voltage Regulator

Product Description Module Properties: non-isolated step-up module (BOOST) 65 * 56.5 * 23 (length * width * high) (mm) Input

12V 16CH Wireless Remote Switch Relay 16 Channel Relay Module 12V 433MHz/315MHz Remote Control Module Learn Code

Specifications: Control Lights, TVs, Motors, Fans, Cameras, Video signals, Audio signals, electrically operated Doors/ Locks/ Windows. 1.Transmitter Channel: 16 CH

16 Bit I2C ADS1115 Module ADC 4 channel with Pro Gain Amplifier RPi

Features: ADC Bit rate: 16 Bit Interface Type: I2C Channels: 4 Channel AN0 AN1 AN2 AN3 or 2 differential inputs

1602 Display

16×2 I2C LCD Display Module with Yellow Backlight Overview: This 2×16 character LCD Module with YELLOW Backlight uses an I2C

1604 LCD Blue Screen 16×4 Character LCD

Description: Shape size: 86.96*60*13mm Display area: 62.3*27.6mm Character number: 16*4 Glass type: yellow green film / blue film Backlight types: