FS-28 Liquid Water Level Sensor Float Switch 220V

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Float level switch is a simple structure, easy to use level control devices, it does not provide power, no complicated circuit, it has a smaller volume than the general mechanical switch, long working life and other advantages. As long as the material selection is correct in shape, and the nature of any liquid or pressure, temperature can be used, which in the shipbuilding industry, generating equipment, petrochemical, food industry, water treatment equipment, dyeing and finishing industry, hydraulic machinery, etc. have been widely applications.

How it works: an important level sensor magnetic reed switch and the float composed of magnetic material inside the float, set up one or more magnetic reed switch in a closed non-magnetic metal pipe or plastic pipe, and then the catheter through a or more with magnetic float, and double loop control with fixed float and reed switch in the relevant position, the float rises or falls with the liquid, use inside the ball close to the beginning of the reed contact, resulting in open and closed action, for level control or direction (when float near the reed switch is turned on; switch off when you leave).

1. Contact capacity: 70W
2. Switching voltage: DC110V
3. Switch Current: 0.5A
4. Insulation resistance:> 10
5. Contact resistance: <100m
6. resistive load: 107 back
7. Working temperature: -10 ~ 60
8. Working pressure: <0.6MPA
9. medium gravity:> 0.6
10. switch material: PP


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