18650 battery charger

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Basic parameters:

Input voltage: 100V-240V 50 / 60Hz 500MA MAX
Output voltage: 4.2V
Output current: 500 * 2

The indicator status indicates:
Green light is standby (4.16V trickle state when charging)
Red light is charging!
Flashing green light is over voltage 4.21V

This charger has short-circuit, over-current and over-voltage, reverse polarity protection for positive and negative poles!


Two slots are not independently designed, 2 are full of turn lights

The output bright green light is in the normal standby state, and it is red when charging. When the voltage of the rechargeable battery reaches about 4.1V, the red light turns to green. At this time, the charger does not completely stop charging, but continues to charge with a small current trickle. The highest cut-off voltage It is 4.21V.

This charger has perfect over-current and short-circuit protection functions. It does not need to cut off the power immediately after full charging, and will not overcharge. The materials are solid, and the 13001 (0.5A) triode for low-grade power supply is abandoned, and the 13003 (1.5A) triode is directly used


Charging method: constant current, then constant voltage.


1. Rechargeable batteries need to be careful not to over-discharge, that is to say, you can’t charge when the lights are off, you should stop when the lights are obviously dark, and charge in time, otherwise it will affect the battery life or directly scrap. Usually do not use, put it fully charged.

2. Do not remove the battery for a long time, do not put it in the flashlight; wait for the battery to cool down (about five minutes) after each charge to prevent the battery voltage from burning out due to the high battery voltage.

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