1N5408 Diode

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1N5408 Diode consists of a diffused junction and has high current capability as well low forward voltage drop. It also has low reverse leakage current, consists of lead free finish and it RoH8 compliant.

Name 1N5408 Diode
Peak Repetitive Reverse Voltage 1000 V
Working Peak Reverse Voltage 1000 V
DC Blocking Voltage 1000 V
RMS Reverse Voltage 700 V
Average Rectified Output Current 3.0 A
Non-Repetitive Peak Forward Current Surge 200 A
Forward Voltage 1.0 V
Typical Total Capacitance 25 pF
Typical Thermal Resistance Junction to Ambient 15° C/W
Operating and Storage Temperature Range -65° C to 150° C

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