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This 4 channel 12 V relay module is a low pull, high release relay module and features energization status indicator light, release status led is off. By default, this is a 5V relay module and uses jd-vcc for the relay power and is compliant with international safety standards, control, and load areas isolation trenches.

The 4 channel relay module can be used to control various appliances and other types of equipment with large currents. The maximum output of the relay module is AC250V 10A and DC5V 10A.

The four-channel can be used to switch multiple loads at the same time since there are four relays on the same module. This is useful in creating a central hub from where multiple remote loads can be powered. It is useful for tasks like home automation where the module can be placed in the main switchboard and can be connected to loads in other parts of the house and can be controlled from a central location using a microcontroller.


If either of the relays does not turn on:

  1. The contacts might be welded due to overcurrent/arcing. Shaking the module firmly might help unstick the contacts
  2. The driver circuitry might have been damaged due to overvoltage.
  3. Input polarity might be incorrect.
  4. Jumper might not have been moved to the correct position


  • Switching mains loads
  • Home automation
  • Battery backup
  • High current load switching


  • 1 x 4 channel 12 V Relay


Number of Channels  4
Operating Voltage  12V
MAx Output  AC250V 10A and DC5V 10A
Dimensions  5 x 3 x 1cms 
Weight  5 grams

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