5S 100A 18650 Li-ion Battery Protection Circuit Board 

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1.This protection board is 5s in common use lithium battery protection board (you can adjust for how many strings to be used), the default delivery is 5S ternary lithium.
2.Specified chip, stable performance, support disconnection protection, over-current protection, over discharge protection, overcharge protection, with balance, etc.
3.Common use for “same port” and “different port”, the protection board uses 15 high-power of ultra-low resistance MOS tube (discharge of 8, charging of 7), in the same port mode can support the discharge current 60A, charging current 60A; different port mode discharge current 80A, charging current 60A.
4.Can use for LMO.Ternary lithium battery.LCO(3.7V)battery packs etc.
Single cell battery overcharge protect voltage : 4.21-4.29 V 
Single cell battery overcharge  protect recover voltage : 4.14-4.24 V 
Overcharge protect delay : 1.5-2.5S 
Single cell battery over-discharge  protect voltage : 2.72-2.88 V  
Single cell battery over-discharge  protect recover voltage : 2.9-3.1 V  
Over charge protective current:100A
Over discharge protective current:100A
Over-discharge protect delay : 0.5-1.5S 
Temperature protect : Yes,have Temperature control interface.
Disconnect protect : Yes 
Shortage protect : Yes 
Shortage delay : 100-600 uS 
Shortage protect recover mode: Off load release.
Contact discharge current:80A
Synopline discharge current:60A
Charging current:60A
balance function:yes
Ampere balance (Current) : 60MA 
Current balance accuracy : 4.14-4.24V

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