5V 30A Two-way isolation relay module High/low level trigger

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Two-way isolation type 1 road power relay control module, can choose high level or low level signal trigger, and only 3 ma current drive for 30 a relay and control ability, module adopts quality goods of high quality power relay, the industry’s top subminiature encapsulation light coupling, high power high pressure triode, red, blue light signal, military level double-sided PCB board, cloth plate considering comprehensive, stable performance and can be widely used in all kinds of power control class. 
Module specification
1, the module used authentic quality relay, normally open interface maximum load: ac 250 v / 30 a, dc 30 v / 30 a;
2, using the industry’s top quality subminiature two-way isolation optical coupling, strong anti-interference ability, stable performance;Trigger current only 3 ma.
3, modules, working voltage is 5V, 12V and 24V are available;
4, the user can choose the relay control level, can be a high level off, also can be low level and off;Module contains a limited flow resistance, can directly use the power supply is negative control, you can also use the MCU I/O control;
5, fault-tolerant design, even if the control line is broken, relay will not move;      
6, the power indicator light (red), 1 road relay status indicator light (blue)
7, human interface design, all interface can be directly by terminal connection leads, is very convenient
8, module size: 6.0 cm * 3.0 m * 2.5 cm (length * width * height)
9, is equipped with four fixed bolt hole, convenient installation

The second module interface
Interface module control side: there are 4 line, all interfaces are terminal blocks, easy connection
1, DC + : external DC power anode (5V, 12V and 24V module selection)
2, DC – : external negative DC power supply
3, VREF, photoelectric isolation reference ground control end,
If using high level control: this signal is connected in the user control panel power of the cathode
If the low level control: this signal is connected on the user control panel power supply of the anode
4, CH1: relay control interface,
If VREF to connect power negative: this port high level (relative to VREF) relay and accordingly
If VREF receive positive: this port low level (relative to VREF) relay and accordingly

Note: isolation or relay module is in order to adapt to the electromagnetic environment is poor, the signal occasions with higher requirements, if you want to achieve complete isolation effect, is the power of the user control panel (i.e. connect VERF reference power) and relay module power supply power supply (DC + / DC) should be separate, if the two power supply, total is short of complete isolation effect, the user can choose our cheaper standard relay module.

Relay output: there are 3 line interface, all interfaces are terminal blocks, easy connection
1 NO: relay normally open interface, relay and impending, before and after absorption and COM sub
2, COM: relay public interface
3, NC: relay normally closed interface, relay and off with COM nipple, before and after the impending

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