5x7cm Copper Clad Laminate Double Side Plate FR4

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FR4 Copper Clad Plate Laminate Single Side PCB is made up of a glass fiber epoxy resin-based. One side of this PCB has copper foil on it. The epoxy optical fiber forms the substrate on which the copper foil is hot pressed only on one side and therefore the other side remains bare. It has a copper core for strength and therefore the substrate acts as electrical insulation. The PCB is ideal for prototyping and experimenting.


This PCB use almost in every electronic equipment like electronic watches, calculators, computers, communication electronic equipment, military weapon system, etc. As long as there are integrated circuits and other electronic devices, electrical interconnection between them will require the use of this type of PCB.



  1. Foil: Copper.
  2. Ideal for prototyping
  3. Dimensions : 5 x 7 cm



1 x FR4 Copper Clad Laminate Single Side PCB.

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