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9 Volt Rechargeable battery MP 9v battery 300mAh

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In stock

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Introducing the MP 6F22 rechargeable battery – your ultimate solution for environmentally friendly and cost-effective power.

These Ni-MH batteries offer a capacity of 300mAh, ensuring long-lasting performance. Designed for ease of use, our batteries are ready to use straight out of the pack, just like alkaline batteries, with no need to charge before use.

Not only are our rechargeable batteries better for the environment, but they are also economical and can be recharged over 1000 times. Plus, with a low self-discharge rate, they retain 80% of their charge even after a year of non-use, ensuring reliable power whenever you need it.

Please note that our rechargeable batteries should not be used with any other type or make of batteries, and you should observe polarity when using them. Also, avoid exposing them to water or excessive heat to ensure optimal performance and longevity.

Choose MP 6F22 rechargeable batteries for a reliable, cost-effective, and eco-friendly power solution.


  • Ready to use: Precharged like alkaline batteries, no need to charge before use
  • Environment-friendly: Rechargeable batteries can be used over 1000 times, reducing waste
  • Economical: Saves money in the long run compared to disposable batteries
  • Polarity-sensitive: Observe polarity when using the batteries
  • Water and heat-resistant: Avoid exposing batteries to water or excess heat for optimal performance and longevity
  • Low self-discharge rate: Retains 80% of charge even after a year of non-use
  • Reliable performance: Offers long-lasting power for various devices and applications


1 x Rechargeable 9 Volt battery MP 9v battery 300mAh


Capacity (mAh) 300
Cell Type Ni-MH
Rechargeable Yes

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