CC1101 Wireless Module With SMA Antenna Wireless Transceiver Module

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CC1101 wireless RF transceiver 315/433/868/915MHZ + SMA antenna wireless module
Continuous frequency band expansion:
CC1100: 400-464 MHz and 800-928 MHz
CC1101: 387-464 MHz and 779-928 MHz
Working voltage: 1.8-3.6V
Working frequency: (module: 387-464MHZ) Default working frequency: 433Mhz
Maximum instantaneous working current: <30mA;
Maximum transmit power: 10mW (+10dBm)
Support 2-FSK, GFSK and MSK modulation;
Receiver sensitivity -110dBm, 1200 baud
The minimum operating speed is 1.2kbps, the maximum is 500kbps
Independent 64-byte RX and TX data FIFO buffer
Built-in hardware CRC error detection to ensure reliable data transmission
Support RSSI signal strength detection and carrier sensing functions
Low power consumption
Mailing address (256) Working frequency can be programmed via SPI
Programmable output power, supporting all frequencies up to +10 dBm
WOR function can be set to standby, proportional receiving state timing switch machine time, reduce power consumption
Fast frequency synthesizer with proper frequency hopping system

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