CR 2025 3V Lithium Battery With 2 Solder Feet Pins

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Product parameters

Model: CR2025 With Pins


Nominal voltage: 3.0V

Nominal capacity: 140mAh

Operating temperature: -20~+85°C

Storage temperature: -20~+60°C

Working temperature discharge: -20~+60°℃

Working temperature charging: 0~+45℃

Storage temperature: -20~+60°C

Applicable product:toy, calculator, laser pointer, computer motherboard, e-dictionary, watch, electronic scale, cardiac pacemaker, electronic hearing aid, counter, clock, watch, game, digital camera ect


Product Features

Stable performance and long service life, mature manufacturing technology, using high-quality and stable manganese dioxide as the material, each battery that leaves the factory has undergone strict quality control and power testing to ensure full power and longer service life;

Environmental protection, green and energy saving, no harmful substances such as lead and chromium are added in the survival process, safe and pollution-free;

High-quality materials, anti-leakage, stainless steel appearance, good sealing, effectively prevent short circuit and leakage between the positive and negative electrodes of the battery, and improve the safety of the battery.


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