Lithium Battery Charger Board LED Dual USB 5V 2.4A

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Product Parameter

1. Input interface: type-c and micro USB.

2. Output interface: 2 high-quality USB interfaces (large current consumption is small), the maximum is 2.4A.

3. Battery interface: support 3.7V lithium battery (full 4.2V), welding connection method. The maximum battery charging current is 2.4A.

4. High-current charging and identifying ICs such as Apple, Samsung, etc., to give full play to the advantages of 2.4A current (the mobile phone requires 2.1A/2.4 high-current charging requires related agreements).

5. High-efficiency charge and discharge design, up to 90%.

6. Small size: 55*19*8mm.


1. When the motherboard receives it, first connect the charging head to test and see the LED light.

2. For normal application, the battery must be soldered (the power supply will be insufficient if the wire is twisted), and the battery will burn if it is connected to the motherboard. Be careful.

3. The battery and motherboard wires should not be too thin, and should be as thick as possible. Can pass 5A current. It should not be too long, the interface needs to be welded.

4. Batteries can only be connected in parallel, not in series, the main board will be burnt in series.

5. Make sure that the battery is good. If the battery is connected and charged, it will be fully charged, and the mobile phone cannot be discharged. Most of the battery is aging and scrapped.

6. Do not add a protective plate to the battery. Some batteries are not originally used for power banks and have protection boards that limit the current, and may protect the output when exceeding one or two amps.

7. Reverse connection of the board will burn. There will be traces if the IC is burned. This happens only when reverse connection. Therefore, the consequences of reverse connection are not borne here.

8. Type-c port is only for input, not output

9. Input current refers to the input current of the battery.

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