Dynamo motor and generator

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A Dynamo is an electrical generator that produces direct current with the use of a commutator. It consists of two permanent magnets and a rotating coil attached in between these two magnets. Commutator converts the alternating current into direct current by reversing the direction of current every alternate cycles. They are used for low power applications like domestic purposes and charging batteries of motor vehicles.

  1. Science Fair
  2. DIY Projects.
  3. For generating the current in Wind Power Stations, thermal power stations etc.
  4. To Recharge the batteries of motor vehicles.


  1. Dynamo powerful motor and generator in one
  2. Works both as motor and generator
  3. Produce electricity by converting rotary motion into electric current
  4. Works fine in the range of 4V to 12V
  5. Excellent working mechanism
  6. Metal case body for protection

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