GJ-8018LCD Portable BGA Rework Solder Station Hot Air Gun lower Soldering Hairdryer Desoldering Tool 220V 450W Adjustable EU/US Plug Optional

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GJ-8018LCD Portable Temperature Control Hot Air Gun 220V Digital Display Hot Air Gun Disassembly and Welding 850

When the hot air gun is used, please turn on the air volume, and then adjust the HEATER knob. The clockwise temperature will drop and the counter-clockwise temperature will rise. Please do not adjust too much counter-clockwise. Otherwise, the temperature will soon rise to 600.700.800 degrees, which will reduce the life of the hot air gun and cause damage to the hot wire of the hot air gun. Jue8018LCD portable hot air gun, (built-in imported Marlboro to motor). Using Swedish Contail resistance wire.

Input voltage: 220V-240V
Frequency: 50 to 60Hz
Operating Current 2.5A
Power 450W Working temperature, ambient temperature about 500 degree
UK / EU / AU Adapter for free

Package incluede:
1 x 220V Hot Air Gun
4 x Nozzle
1 x bracket
1 x EU Plug

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