Mini ZVS Induction Heating  Driver

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1. This non tapped mini board, ZVS finished board, high-pressure package, cooling fan, etc.

2. This kit requires some hands-on ability and relevant knowledge. If you can’t even use a soldering iron and the positive and negative poles of the power supply can’t be separated, it’s recommended not to shoot. If something goes wrong, the seller will not bear any responsibility!

3. Power ≤ 120W (when 12V induction heating). Push the highvoltage package 12V, and when the primary 5 + 5 turns, it is about 30W.

4. The input voltage is DC 5V12V. This voltage range is the voltage during operation, not the voltage when the power supply is unloaded!

5. Confirm that all components are welded correctly and the positive and negative poles of the power line are not connected reversely. After connecting the load (heating coil and high-voltage package), power on! No load cannot be energized! No load power on is easy to damage!

6. Heating coil: the width of the heated object shall be between 1/3 and 1 / 2 of the inner diameter of the heating coil, and the maximum shall not exceed 2 / 3! The diameter of the heated object shall be controlled within 20mm as far as possible. If it is too large, it will be difficult to heat it to red. After all, the power is limited.

When induction heating, it is generally necessary to cut off power for cooling after working for 5 minutes. Because the current is relatively large during induction heating, the coil heating is also relatively large. When heating, part of the heat generated by the heated object will be transferred to the heating coil. Over time, the temperature of the heating coil will be very high. If the heating coil is connected to the terminal, the plastic part of the terminal will be melted away! Therefore, during induction heating, it is best to weld heating wire 4 directly to P8 plate. Please pay attention to this. For long-term use, it is recommended to use copper tube as coil and cool it with water.

7. The current when pushing the high-voltage package and induction heating is related to the input voltage, the number of primary turns, the number of turns of the heating coil and the volume of the heated object. Our test is for reference only!

8. Blue ed electric drift indicator light, with or without power, you can see whether the light is on or not! The possible reasons why the indicator light is not on are:

① The cable is not connected properly and the power supply is not powered on.

② The board has damaged components When the indicator light is dark, the power supply should be insufficient and a higher power supply needs to be replaced.

No tap is more suitable for induction heating.

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