QC4.0 QC3.0 USB Type-C Mobile Phone Quick Charge Adapter 6 -35V Step Down Buck Boost Module

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The size of this module is small i, suitable for users DIY
SW3516P Fast charge power module adopts high -efficiency, sufficient power, external MOS tube, dual -line and iron silicon aluminum magnetic ring, high efficiency, lower fever at the charging power,
Dual parallel low -resistance electrolytic capacitance+6 1206 ceramic capacitors, at the same time input anti -inverted connection uses special MOS tube to prevent anti -inverse, only for higher performance,
Support most mobile phones in the market;
One more charging method is more assured;

Product parameters:
1. Input voltage: DC6-32V
2. Enter: Red (+) Black (-) Line
3. Product size: 50*18*12mm
4. Line length is about: 14cm
4. Output port: USB or Type-C

1. indicators: The blue light is the output indicator, and the red light is the fast charge state indicator!
2. Double road independent current limit
3. Support multi -protocol:
USB PD3.0/PD2.0 (PPS) support
Qualcomm QC4+/QC4.0/QC3.0/QC2.0 support
Huawei SCP/FCP support
OPPO VOOC partial support
Apple 2.4A Support
Samsung AFC support
OnePlus DASH support
Vivo 9V2A dual engine flash charge support
MediaTek PE2.0/Fe1.1 support


1. When the USB port and the Type_c port are inserted at the same time, the two ports are 5V output!
2. For low -voltage and large current fast charge, please use the original data cable. If you want to measure the charging voltage current, you must use a low internal resistant USB table! Otherwise, it will affect the charging current!
3. OPPO and OnePlus mobile phone must use USB port! QC4+/QC4.0/PD3.0 and other protocols may use Type_c port!
4. The PD PD protocol when the power supply voltage is higher than the 21 volt of the PD protocol supports the 20V3A output. The module volume is small. Please good ventilation and heat dissipation when it is used for laptops with PD charging!
5. Type_c port is used to output charging; cooperate with C-TO-C/Type_c public dual-headed data cable to charge mobile phones or notebooks!

Product List:

Anti -pressure module x1

Charging test point:

Multi -brand mobile phone charging test USB port:
1. Charge Huawei Mate20 (electricity 56%): Open the SCP fast charge mode voltage 4.89V, current 4.59A
2. Charge the Huawei P20 Pro (12%of the electricity): turn on the SCP fast charge mode voltage 5.03V, the current 4.25A
3. Charge Honor V20 (43%of the electricity): Open the voltage of SCP fast charge mode 5.13V, current 4.5A
4. Charging Xiaomi 8 (power 18%): turn on QC3.0 fast charge mode voltage 6.44V, current 2.79A
5. OPPO R17 (43%of the electricity): turn on the VOOC flash charging mode voltage 4.8V, the current 3.8A
6. Charge the iPhone XS (5%of the electricity): turn on the Apple2.4A mode voltage 5.22V, the current 2.37A
7. Charge one plus 6T (15%of the electricity): turn on the DASH flash charge mode voltage 4.7V, the current 3.8A

Type_c port:
1. Charge the iPhone XR (7%of the electricity): turn on the PD voltage 9.17V and the current 1.91A
2. Charging iPhone X (electricity volume 7%): turn on PD voltage 9.17V, current 1.6A
3. Charge the Huawei Mate20Pro (55%of the electric): turn on the PD voltage 9.20V, the current 1.58A
4. Charge the Huawei P20 Pro (10%of the electricity): turn on the PD voltage 9.17V and the current 1.69A
5. Charge Honor V20 (40%of the electricity): turn on the PD voltage 9.05V and the current 1.7A
6. Charging Xiaomi 8 (6%of the power): turn on the fast charging voltage 6.1V, the current 2.63A

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