Red LED Digital Display Voltmeter for Lead Acid Battery Mini Voltage Meter Battery Tester Panel For DC12V Cars Motorcycles Vehicles USB 5V2A output

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Red LED Digital Display Voltmeter Mini Voltage Meter Battery Tester Panel For DC 12V Cars Motorcycles Vehicles USB 5V2A output


1, This product is fully functional, you can display the battery voltage, battery power, you can also plug directly into the phone or other 5V equipment charging.
2, This product is suitable for all kinds of outdoor power, mobile power, instrumentation and other equipment additional battery power voltage display and additional USB to charge the phone and other functions.
3, this product uses synchronous rectification step-down chip scheme, low heat, energy saving and environmental protection.
4. This product is compact in structure, making full use of space and reducing costs.


1, Static input current: 5-25mA, the lower the battery voltage, the smaller the current.
2, USB output: 5V/2A (a USB setting for Apple recognition, a setting for Android recognition)
3, USB buck efficiency is up to 96% (because of the synchronous rectification circuit, the buck conversion efficiency is high and the heat is low.
4, 8 segment power resolution: 10% 25% 40% 50% 60% 75% 90%
5, The accuracy of the voltmeter is about 2%
6, Working temperature: -10 ~ +65 ° C
7, Working humidity: 10~80% (no condensation)
8, Opening size: 45 × 26 × 18mm


Package included:
1 X Digital Voltmeter Battery Panel Meter with USB output

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