Type-C to Micro USB 5V 1A 2A Boost Converter Step-Up Power Module Mobile Power Bank Accessories

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Step Up Boost Converter with USB Type C for 5V 2A Charging Power Bank Module

This is a Type-C USB 5V 2A Step-Up Boost Converter with a USB Charger. Great Step-up Module with 5V input, output 5V for many digital devices, so this is really a great module for designing a portable charger. Useful for your USB charger projects and onboard USB device supply solutions.

  1. When the load current is less than 50mA continuously, the output will be turned off.
  2. It supports the external key, which is connected to the K point and the output negative pole. Short press to turn on the power display and turn on the 5V output. Two consecutive short presses will turn off the power display and turn off the 5V output.
  3. When the charging current drops to 100mA after reaching the final floating charging voltage, the charging cycle will be automatically terminated.
  4. When the battery voltage drops below 4.1V, the charging cycle starts again.
  5. When the battery voltage is lower than 2.8V, the battery will be precharged with a current of 180mA.
  6. The USB-a base welding position is provided on the back of the product, which can be installed manually.
  7. It supports discharging while charging.

Features and Specifications:

  1. Input voltage range: 55.5V
  2. Charging cut-off voltage: (4.2V/4.35V) ±0.5%:
  3. Charging current: 2.4A±5%
  4. Boost output voltage: 5V5.15V (wire loss compensation)
  5. Boost output voltage ripple: 100mV
  6. Boost output current: 2A
  7. Boost conversion efficiency: 92.5% (3.6V input, 5V2A Output)
  8. Battery end quiescent current: 30uA
  9. Material: Metal and Plastic

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