Type-C USB 2S BMS 15W Lithium Battery Charging Boost Module

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The module is applicable to two or three channeled 3.7V lithium batteries. By short circuit setting, the default is two strings. When two strings are used, the module can use its own battery equalization function, which is very practical. The type-c port and welding wire can be used for input. When the type-c port is connected to the fast charging power supply, the charging voltage is automatically adjusted to improve efficiency. If the input voltage is less than the battery voltage when the welding wire is input, the module can only work in the boost state.

Product Parameters

Support QC fast charge

15W synchronous switching boost charging

Boost charging efficiency 94%

Can be set to charge 2 or 3 strings of lithium batteries

2 strings with balanced charging

Adjustable charging current

Input over-voltage and under-voltage protection

Adjustable charging timeout protection

Output over-current, over-voltage, short circuit protection

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