Universal LNB Satellite Reciever (For Dishhome And Other Satellite Oriented Device)

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 Low Noise Block (LNB) down-converter is integral to maintain stable satellite communication. It has two main functions: as a low noise amplifier and a down-converter blocker. Amplifying the detected weak signal works through the connection of an LNB to an indoor satellite receiver. Additionally, the signal is converted and transmitted to the receiver to begin watching your favorite shows. Before acquiring an LNB, it is essential to invest in the one that withstands extreme weather conditions without deteriorating the signal strength.

Offering a stable and increased signal boost while maintaining low noise at 0.1dB, this LNB provides universal signal coverage worldwide. This LNB can be integrated on any Ku band satellite dish with 40mm LNBF mount! It is lightweight, which gives you the freedom to carry it out to make adjustments. Incorporating it into your Free To Air receiver guarantees strong reception regardless of the weather condition.

Key Features:

Universal Linear KU LNBF 
Why does it matter:
Allowing you to switch the frequency in the satellite Ku band, the LNBF can be operated in different operation modes depending on the reception. From Low/Hor, Low/Ver, High/Hor, to High/Ver, you can configure the polarization without the need for a separate polarizer. This product’s input frequency range is 10.7 ~ 12.75 GHz (LO: 9.75 & 10.6 GHz).

40mm throat mount fits all typical dishes

This mount offers robust and lightweight support to keep your arm from wobbling while configuring the product or performing repairs.

Available in four variants:

  • Single – receive one signal for one receiver.
  • Dual – receive two independent signals for two receivers/TV.
  • Quad – receive four independent signals for four receivers/TV.
  • Octo – receive eight independent signals for eight receivers/TV.

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