USB C PD Trigger Board Module PD/QC Decoy Board Fast Charge

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1. Support a variety of fast charging protocols:

PD3.0/2.0, PPS/QC4+, QC3.0/2.0, FCP, AFC

2. The function of this product:

1. Trick out the voltage of the fast charging charger/charging treasure and use it as a DC power supply. For example, let the fast charging power bank output 9 volts and 12 volts to supply power to routers, light cats, etc.

2. Turn some traditional DC-powered devices into TYPE-C port power supplies.

3. The size of the decoy board: 23*11.5*4mm

4. Note:

1. Mobile phone chargers/charging treasures must first support fast charging such as PD/QC in order to deceive the fast charging voltage.

2. Fix the four gears of 9/12/15/20 volts, what voltage is needed, just short the corresponding pads.

3. For example, if you set the decoy to 20 volts, but your charger is only up to 9 volts, it will automatically downshift to deceive the output to 9 volts.

4. The maximum support is 5A, and the actual output current/power is determined by your fast charging charger and load.

Product List

1*PD/QC decoy board fast charge USB boost module Type-c

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