XL7015 V2 DC-DC Converter Step-down Module 5V-80V Wide Voltage Input 7005A LM2596

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XL7015 DC-DC step-down module is a highly efficient, high-voltage step-down DC- DC converter that can deliver up to 0.8A output current capability, low ripple, excellent line regulation and load regulation, input voltage to a maximum of 80V, far more than 2596 modules. Chip built a variety of protection mechanisms. It can be applied to electric vehicle controllers.
1. 5V to 80V wide input voltage range;
2. The output voltage is adjustable from 5V to 20V;
3. The minimum pressure drop 1V;
4. The maximum switching current of 0.8A;
5. Recommended output power less than 7W;
6. Built-in thermal shutdown protection, output short circuit protection, overcurrent protection;
7. The excellent linearity and load regulation;
Hardware introduction and notes
Board size: 16mm * 44mm;
1. VIN: input voltage (5V-80V);
2. GND: the input voltage ground terminal;
3. VOUT: Output voltage terminal (5V-20V);
4. GND: output voltage of the ground terminal;

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